Reviewing Life For What Its Worth

Rouén D. E. Robinson

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Another look at things to come in season 3 of Arrow.

comicsalliance reports:

When Colton Haynes joined The CW’s Arrow in season two as Roy Harper, it was only a matter of time before he got gussied up in his best red Arrow cosplay as Arsenal — given that, you know, that’s who Roy Harper is in the comics. I mean, he could have been Speedy or, oh, Red Arrow, I guess, but since Speedy is a daft name and they don’t even want to call the main guy in the show Green Arrow, they kind of have to go with Arsenal, though that’s a rotten codename too. But I digress.

Arsenal aka Red Arrow aka Speedy aka Roy Harper

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idwcomics is going to be publishing an ongoing Orphan Black comic book series!

Orphan Black comic book

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