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A little GIF action, courtesy of Doctor Who's new Doctor and this week’s cover star, Peter Capaldi. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Riedel for EW.

The New Doctor

Rashida Jones #wcw #bostonpublic #parksandrec #talentandbeauty #indiedarling

Come one and all to see what fools these mortals be #amidsummernightsdream #randnaturecenter #FridayandSaturday #foragoodcause #theplayisthething



Hey everyone our new video is out this week! Go check out Kevin’s dyk on the Black Panther!

If you guys haven’t yet go check out our new video on the Black Panther.

DC Trinity

Coming in 2016 B~)

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Ladies ‘n’ gents, SDCC has given us our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What do you think?


Looks like the butterfly needed some water #butterfly #waterbottle #picnictable #saturdayrehearsal #julyafternoon (at Rand Nature Centre)

What I needed on a hot Summer day. I have not written one of these in a bit because I have been occupied with a few things. It is funny how easy it is to lose focus when a part of your life is going better than expected. The problem is how loose your grasp can become on things you thought you had a good handle on. Of course, you don’t notice it until things get back to normal. So back to what I was saying before about the refreshing glass of pink lemonade mixed with orange juice. You just need something to cool you down and get your mind in the right place on this hot July afternoon.